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Urvi Luxury Destination to South Africa was memorable.

Hardik Sheth the tour manager and Roshni Ben the tour guide managed it well despite climatic conditions not being good for few days.

Hardik Sheth, Deepu pajji, Chef Prakashbhai and his helpers served very good and delicious food and different varieties on all days. They even served very good jain food and helped me and my wife continue our fasting during the tour by serving us food before sunset.

We appreciate Hardik Sheth and Roshniben efforts to make this trip full of fun and memorable.

The 49 people group was so friendly, that we enjoyed like a family. There were people from all age group right from 20 years to 85 years. It was really a great fun. Coach and coach driver also very good. He drived very safely and made us reach all destinations in time.

From suggestion point of view, I would like Urvi Luxury Destination to reconsider flight options other than Ethiopian airline, being not so good. Any other airline direct/with one hop flight from Mumbai to Johannesburg would be great choice. Also, Radisson blue hotel in Cape Town not maintained properly for lifts and room heater, so give some better options.

Overall, very good and memorable experience and I recommend Urvi Luxury Destination for South Africa.