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This is our 3rd tour with Hardik Mehta & team Urvi Luxury Destination. But in all the tours they have raised their bar so high and we have received more than 100% returns on what we spent whereas in other tour companies, we usually only get 70%-80% of our expectations fulfilled. Now coming to our Arctic Tour, starting from the reception at Helsinki Airport, we have got superb services and have felt like family with Hardik Mehta, Nayan Soni and Dhiren Ruparelia. The ternary was superb and we got to see the Northern Lights on the last day thanks to the experience and confidence of Hardik Mehta.

Nayan and Dhiren were always helpful, energetic, hardworking and very quick in solving our queries. Last but not the least, kudos to the three Maharaj’s, they served us amazing homelike food and we got variety of choices in food on all days. Looking forward to traveling with you guys again and again. Cheers to Hardik Mehta and the entire team.
God Bless!

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