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29 September Iceland group
Always marched like a troop
With Urvi we traveled
Where everyone just marveled

The first few days were rainy.
Reminding Indians are brainy.
With snacks n dry fruits on the bus
Made me say “Arey baba bus.”

The maiden visit to Akureyri
Enjoyed lunch with methiakairi
Glacier walk was pretty cold.
We all did as we are bold.

Anxiously waiting for northern light
With all our might
Enjoying hot tea
But no light, a pity

We Indians don’t give up.
Next day after sup
With team Urvi leading the fight
Northern lights appeared bright.

With all the food that we stuffed in
All know it’s a deadly sin.
To say NO was impossible.
For Urvi makes it possible

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank
To all the staff in rank
For the further trips we bank
Services best let’s be frank.

Thanks everyone.

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